Our clients

We help emerging IT companies by taking on their development processes – partly or fully. While having a vibrant idea, startups are often low on budget and technical resources. With our 10+ years experience in various IT domains, we will gladly offer our consulting services to get behind the idea and suggest the way to streamline your efforts. Once the strategy is shaped, our external engineers are ready to join your startup team and get the coding done in a proficient and cost-effective way.

If you launch an IT startup, you might be thinking of the ways to:

  • Transform your business idea to a sound project plan to tempt your future investors
  • Extend your team
  • Streamline your development budget or time expenditures
  • Find rare specialists for your project

Logic Way has vast experience in joining large-scale projects at the very early stage. We also have a number of talents mastering rare and advanced technologies that are hard to find on the market. You might be interested in picking up some missing specialists or, at your request, we can build an entire dedicated team right for your project to let you save your time on recruiting. Any other business-models are negotiable for your convenience. And we’ll be proud to become your reliable partner in the years ahead to stand by you on your way from a startup to an established business.

IT Product Developers

Leading IT product companies often face the necessity to lessen their in-house development cycle in order to stay up to competitive challenge that prompts them not only to introduce a new rival IT product but to make it fast enough for the market.

That’s why today it’s economically viable to outsource wholly or partly the development process, aiming at:

  • development and support costs optimization
  • team extension or specific recruitment
  • development process speed-up
  • all of the above

Entrusting these parts to your vendor, you free up your time and effort to pay to your overall business prosperity, while focusing more on your marketing, analytics and sales strategy.

We understand that sometimes product outsourcing comes as a tough decision because the last thing you want is to put your beloved creation into the wrong hands. Is my data safe with a third-party vendor? Will the cost be definitely lower than if hiring my own staff?

IT solutions developers commonly have the following concerns:

  • confidentiality issues
  • eventual lack of domain knowledge by the potential vendor
  • inefficient communication

We at Logic Way have substantial experience in working with in-house product developers and providing for them:

  • the whole product “from ground zero”
  • set of functional features
  • on-site product maintenance and technical support

Whichever is your case, we guarantee smooth integration of the developed product or functionality into your existing business routine.

Strictly sticking to NDA policies, we tend to establish a good communication as an essential ground for a happy cooperation, using the automated report systems and the latest management methods. Any project, huge or small, starts with domain exploration for a deeper understanding of its peculiarities and product specific aspects. When the major part is done, we thoroughly test the product to make sure it runs like clockwork and provide maintenance and support if needed.

When it comes to in-house product outsourcing, we consider Time&Material as a model of choice, but according to customer’s preference Dedicated team or Fixed Price are the good alternatives.

IT Service providers

We help outsourcing companies to thoroughly fulfill their developing duties while meeting deadline and budget frames. No matter how large and demanding is your project, our large pool of skilled and well-experienced developers mastering numerous technologies is at your service.

Outsourcing your development services might be specifically useful in case of a voluminous project that takes more staff than you have at the moment, or requires some expert knowledge beyond what your current developers could provide.

Once having received your technical requirements, we fully endorse further responsibility for the functionality developed and solution implemented and maintained.

We always perform industry analysis prior to the development process to guarantee that the end-user not just upgrades his performance but gets the real business results that he looks to.

Time&Material seems to be the best model for that type of service, but as for your demand we are open to others as well.