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Core CAD application development

Our team will build required app from scratch or compose a dedicated team to join the development, maintenance or support processes.

Plugins, add-ons and data exchange functionality

We create additional functionality that can smoothly interact with CAD systems, such as Onshape, Autocad, Sketchup, Nintendo3DS.

Software integration with CAD

Logic Way specialists will integrate your solutions and tools with CAD systems.

What can we do for you?

We help companies that focus on software development based on major CAD systems to boost and optimize their development. Our team works hard to meet and exceed the expectations, providing a comprehensive range of services from customized applications and plugins development to CAD data conversion, algorithm development and routine tasks automation. Contact us to learn how we can help your company.

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Example of our Work

Fusion 360 Plugin for ExactFlat Online

Using a combination of Autodesk Fusion360 API and ExactFlat Cloud API, we have built an online publisher solution for ExactFlat Online, the 3D flattening solution on Autodesk.
The solution enables automatic integration of 3D Fusion models with ExactFlat platform in a fast and performant way.

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Application for Air Ducts Planning

Our team has developed an application that extends basic AutoCAD capabilities allowing adding new objects and specific ventilation system elements: air ducts, T-branches, etc. The app also enables various complex commands for working with these objects using user Interface, dialog windows and grips.

This solution includes additional functionality for air ducts drawing, axonometric schemes creation and generation of specifications.

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ExactFlat Online Publisher Application

Logic Way team has developed a plugin that converts 3D designs into 2D patterns and blanks for stamping. The plugin provides a seamless gateway between OnShape and the ExactFlat OnLine 3D to 2D Flattening service.
Once installed users can group faces into 3D pieces, then open them in ExactFlat and flatten into 2D patterns or sheet metal blanks. The combination of cloud-based design and flattening brings the process automation benefits to anyone with a browser.

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Models development for heating and ventilation systems

Our team created mathematical simulation modeling of thermodynamic processes for construction and production purposes. This simulation modeling included the creation of a virtual model to reproduce the actual physical system with maximal precision.
We have developed the models for:

  1. Heat exchange processes between the facility and outdoor environment considering such factors as time, outdoor temperature and internal heat gains.
  2. Heating systems (cooling rate of liquids, directional control for liquids in the system, the work of control equipment)
  3. Ventilation systems (directional control for a specific air duct in ductwork)
  4. Steel quenching processes

Why us?

Logic Way provides companies with smart software solutions for over 12 years. We ensure high quality developed through years of experience. Our pool of specialists includes over 50 senior architects, developers, analysts, projects managers, designers and QA specialists.

With the development center located in Europe, we are capable of offering an extremely high quality-price ratio that will help you cut development costs.