Our 50+ team includes seasoned experts with good command of all major technologies and platforms comprising rare and complex ones. If your project anticipates something special technology-wise, we’re sure to be able to help. Our 10+ years experience features both custom solutions from scratch and additional functionalities to our customers’ existing products. Constantly widening our tech scope, we unfailingly ensure high expertise level.Technology choice is the cornerstone of the project’s success, directly impacting customer’s budget and development timeframe. While picking the right one for you, we care not only about equipping you with those proverbial “cutting-edge” and “state-of-the-art” technologies, but making sure it truly matches your needs and brings your business this tangible result you justly expect from our developed product or feature. Thus, from words to deeds, below is our utilized programming languages and technologies.


There’s probably no need to spend much wording to explain today’s popularity of this language worldwide. Serving as the perfect base for any network app, Java is everywhere around you starting from your mobile phone, TV-set and Blue-Ray player to your most complicated enterprise software.

Here are some definite vantages of Java:

  • time-proven robustness of Java-based software
  • ability to work fast, really fast, even with big data
  • aptitude to be run anywhere in the network
  • object-orientation, what means reusable code and modularity
  • “inborn” security as part of Java’s conception itself
  • simplicity in learning, integrating and debugging

Our vast Java experience include numerous frameworks, libraries, app servers and databases:

  • J2SE, J2EE;
  • Web Services;
  • Spring, Hibernate, Node.js;
  • OSB (Oracle Service Bus), Open ESB,Active MQ, Rabbit MQ
  • Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic, WebShpere;
  • Oracle 11g, 12g, PostgreeSQL;
  • NoSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Oracle NoSQL, Hadoop.

Therefore, turning to Logic Way for a Java-based development, you’ll get a scalable, failure proof and truly performant solution capable to entirely fill your most ambitious needs.


Created by Microsoft, .NET framework was built specifically to overcome long development terms, apps inflexibility and deployment complexity. .NET is successfully used for:
  • CRM’s
  • XML Web-services
  • apps for PDA devices
  • accounting software
  • warehousing, product/inventory apps, etc.

Any business thinking of a new software project cares a lot about its ROI, and this is where .NET has it all to win the game. Here’s why:

  • large number of reusable components – less code needs to be written
  • cross-platform suitability (one app for a desktop, a mobile phone, a web browser or PDA)
  • very good reliability and security levels shown for many years of .NET existence
  • easy and quick deployment due to the conflict resolution between dynamic libraries
  • perfect scalability: your .NET-based solution grows together with your business for minimum extra costs

Extensive technical skills of our developers multiplied by the experience from many .NET projects successfully implemented, allow Logic Way to remain at the forefront of Microsoft.NET technologies:

  • .NET 2.0-4.5;
  • C#, C++ CLI;
  • WPF, ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WinForms, ASP.NET WebServices, WCF, XML;
  • SQL Server 2005-2012.

Besides, we have experience in developing .NET Dynamics CRM applications that smoothly integrate with 3d part systems, including native support for Microsoft SharePoint with its improved document management abilities. Having deep knowledge of the Dynamics environment and its future direction/capabilities, we leverage the SharePoint infrastructure to share, manage, and collaborate efficiently.

DWH / ETL Development

Data warehousing is a very important technical process as it manages and organizes all your multiple business data into a consistent stream used by your data analyzing apps. Otherwise, all your precious facts and figures would remain just a bunch of unstructured and worthless info.

DWH is a must-have basis for any enterprise Business Intelligence tools, enabling you to see clearly all your critical statistics and to make nothing but the right and well-balanced decisions. While ETL is namely the way to extract those precious data from its source, it also translates it into an appropriate format suitable for data warehouse and loads into a DWH or other reporting apps.

We at Logic Way have vast experience in creating DWH/ETL solutions of varying complexity, using PL/SQL, TSQL, Oracle Warehouse Builder.


Oracle is the king when it comes to large applications, especially in banking. Indeed, all ten out of world’s top ten banks use Oracle-based applications known for their bank-oriented functionality married with strong technology base. Oracle’s leading role is also belongs to their perfect databases that are all backward compatible, great in working with extremely demanding challenges and ultimately reliable, which is proven by ACID test. However, for even more customers’ security, Oracle’s special technology called Flashback is designed to restore accidentally deleted or lost data.

We use the appropriate methodology to bring you all the best practices using the following Oracle tools:

  • PL/SQL;
  • SQL;
  • Oracle 11g;
  • Oracle ADF;
  • Oracle Weblogic.

BI Development

Business Intelligence (BI) encompasses a wide array of solutions that enables a company or organization to gain insight into its critical operations through reporting applications and analysis tools. Taking advantage of the right BI technology for your business is what can truly help you to get ahead of your field competitors.

We follow customer-centered approach in designing and developing our BI software, aiming at faster adoption of the new tool by its end users. A thorough insight into client’s business procedure and his industry domain is a passport to success in making maximum use of the available data.

If you decide to empower your enterprise performance with the latest BI tools, we’ll be happy to help with one of our mastered BI technologies:

  • OBIEE 10, 11g (Oracle BI, Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle BI Analytics, Administration Tool);
  • Microstrategy 9;
  • QlickView.

Automated QA

With so many ways of testing your software manually, automated QA is something that has become very popular because it seriously reduces testing efforts while giving high assessment level. Isn’t it great when your software is checked faster, at lower cost and more efficiently compared to human testing? The majority of off-the-shelf QA software is good for a basic testing but needs customization for a more detailed check.

To tailor your automated QA software or to create one designed just for your specific case, we refer to the following technologies:

  • Java Core, Collections, Concurrency;
  • ANT, JDBC, SQL, XML, xpath, SVN, Linux, command line interface;
  • Selenium WebDriver;
  • Jenkins, JUnit, easytest, JPA, Spring, Maven, Openstack4j.

Front-end development

Front-end development represents the part of the development process that consists in making product perfectly usable and good-looking at the client-side. it’s true that no matter how great is your solution at its back-end, a great front-end remains the key to a happy user experience anyway. We understand the role of a front end development as to create fast, clear, easy-to-use interfaces that make the content understandable and useful for as much people as possible and give to the web development this friendly face inviting to communication.

In offering our front-end development services, we focus on:

  • Cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-device functionality
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Performance

Our main front-end technologies include:

  • JavaScript;
  • AnjularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, Ext JS, Bootstrap;
  • CSS, HTML, jQuery, Ajax