Distributed System for Accident Notification Processing




Over 120 man-days


Intellij IDEA, Maven, SVN, VPN connection to customer network


Java, Hybernate, ExtJS


Time & Material

Project overview

The distributed system for processing accidents was developed for the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. The Ministry required a solution to automate the process of gathering notifications about accidents with its further structuring and presenting in report format. The report had to be generated according to geographical criteria to show the scope of accidents that happened in a certain area (referring to districts, Departments of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police departments, etc.).

Logic Way took part in the system development. We developed functionality for operator’s name logging and created a record book for tracking notifications about accidents in the digital form. Our team also implemented functionality for real-time reports.

At present, the system is smoothly implemented into the Ministry’s workflow and improves processes by automated accident notification processing.