Information System for Real Estate Tracking


The Presidential Property Management Directorate,Belarus


1000 man-days


FastReport, MS Office, Sybase Power Designer, Subversion


Delphi, Java + Swing, FoxPro, MS SQL Server, Cache, Informix


Dedicated team


The Presidential Property Management Directorate of Belarus rents out a large number of real property: houses, apartments, country houses, sanatoriums, etc. Previously it was very difficult to receive and analyze the information regarding renting processes. So the Directorate required a solution that could store and provide all the necessary data about renters, rented property, available property, terms of rent of each property, income & employees, involved into the renting process. The market could not offer solutions with such broad functionality.


Logic Way created a solution that fully met customer’s requirements. The solution included over 30 required functions, including tracking floor space of the building, keeping document flow, calculating expenditures on communication services, managing HR records, tracking services rendered to the renters and many more.