Portal development for Russian Housing and Utilities infrastructure




Ongoing project


Jboss 6.2, Postgresql 9.3, IntelJ Idea 13, Maven 3, SVN 1.8, pgAdmin 3, Liquibase


JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS; Java EE 1.7, RESTful Web Services (RESTEasy 3.0.7.Final), EJB, JPA – Hibernate, dozer 5.5.1, Junit Mockito 1.9.5), Java, JPA, Grunt, Bower, SLF4j, Log4j


Fixed Price

Project overview

Logic Way took part in a large-scale development of Russian Housing and Utilities infrastructure. The main aim of the information portal is to provide citizens with accurate and up-to-date information to control housing costs and revenues. The portal also allows participation in voting and offers possibility to send personal online requests to the local Housing Management.

The portal is realized as a three-step procedure based on web-technologies. As part of the development team, Logic Way was responsible for creation of the following functionality:

  • Housing infrastructure register;
  • Register for parties’ licenses;
  • Consolidated license register;
  • Register of disqualified users;
  • Register of information suppliers;
  • Open part of the portal;
  • Content management;
  • Certificates of communal infrastructure facilities.

Logic Way has successfully implemented the sections mentioned above, and is currently working on further portal development.