Tracking System development for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation




380 man-days


Red Hat 6.1, Jboss 6.1, Maven 3,Postgresql9, IDE (eclipse, intellij idea)


Java 1.7, GUI – GWT 2.5, uibinder, MVP4g, Jax-WS, JDBC, XML, XSL (dom, sax)


Dedicated team

Project overview

The request for system development was received from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. The core idea was to automate and integrate the system to monitor citizens, liable for military service. Logic Way took on the development of 3 modules:

  • Integration system based on Linux, Java, JBoss
  • System for sending requests
  • Referenced data management system.

We developed universally-applicable feature for safe data transfer between several sub-systems.

For requests module we developed functionality of creating and processing requests about new candidates: citizens, liable for military service. The requests could be either input manually or automatically, with the help of information, received from different units (schools, universities, etc.).

In terms of engineering Referenced data management system, Logic Way implemented functionality that allowed appointing versions to glossaries and their storing; creating new glossaries without code editing or other programmer’s help; uploading and updating glossaries and files with their final transfer to the end users. The system is a client solution with web interface.