Unified Automated Information System for Customs Authority of the Russian Federation




over 2 500 man-days


Maven, Intellij Idea, WebLogic, Oracle, SVN, jdk 1.6, IDEA, Oracle, Toad, Subversion OSB, Oracle BPM, WebSphere MQ


Java (1.5+),Spring (Core, Security), myBatis(3.0.3), GWT(2.3.0), GXT(2.2.4), CAPPER(ACM), SQL, PL/SQL, Spring 2.5.6, Apache-Wicket 1.5.7, Jdbc, Wiquery, Gquery, Itextpdf, Poi, J2EE, JAX-WS, JAXB.


Time & Material

Project overview

Logic Way took part in a large-scale system development for Customs Authority of the Russian Federation.

The Unified Automated Information System was created for payment transaction monitoring. We developed the system on the web interface with rich UI functionalities, assignment of access privileges and complex reporting opportunities.

The system was implemented on Java and allowed business operations management on Oracle database. It also performed analytic and reporting functions with further export to Excel.

Additionally we implemented web application for document flow tracking. The application runs reports based on documents status updates. An option for document visualization was created, with its convenient display in a pop up window.