Customization Services for Financial Platform




Over 1 500 man-days (ongoing project)


IntelliJ IDEA, Gradle, Git


Java, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Html/CSS, AngularJS, JavaScript


Dedicated Team


Our customer is a European peer-to-peer online lending service provider with interest and income fee over €45 million annually. The service provides investors with the premium returns of up to 10% annually, as well as protecting investor money from the currency and default risk through the BuyBack Guarantee program.

The company started geographical expansion and was looking for a reliable dedicated team of java developers to boost the development and spread lending services to more countries: Poland, Georgia, Denmark, Russia.


Logic Way dedicated team helps TWINO customize the platform for various locations since 2015. We work on UI and server side customization to make the loan platform meet legal requirements of each country. At the same time we are involved in local customization of another company’s marketplace for consumer loans NetCredit. We have already customized the solution for Mexican and Spanish market.

Customer Reference

We work with Logic Way since 2015 and remain pleased with the work delivered. At the beginning, they managed to quickly put the right match in place and build a great team for our project. The team shows their diligence, deep technical expertise and clear communication ever since.

Eduards Bezprozvanovs, CTO

Twino, Latvia