Logic Way is a professional provider of services within Robotic Process Automation

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is basically a software robot that reduces or eliminates human effort in routine time-consuming tasks. It uses any IT system's interface just as a human employee would with the help of AI and OCR technologies

Some major practical benefits of implementing RPA


Saving time and improves experience

When done right RPA drasticly decreases the ammount of manual labour with repetative yet important tasks. This saves time and money for back- or front-office operations teams and improves experience for employees and clients alike


Improve continuity and speed of work

Imroved continuity and speed of work. For front-office operations this would mean an increase in quality of service and customer satisfaction. It also makes all processes more managable and predictable reducing the impact of human factor.


All RPAs are IT system agnostic

By its nature all RPAs are IT system agnostic which makes it much easier to change your IT architecture without costly systems integrations. Same tool can be used for multiple automation purposes always delivering the best possible results.


Cost Reduction

RPA technology has one of the highest ROI in IT solutions landscape with approximate estimated cost reduction of 35-65% for onshore and 10-30% for offshore process operations. For most cases RPA delivers ROI within one fiscal quarter.

Why Us


Logic Way is working with RPA and BPM consultancies as well as end-customers providing professional RPA developers with a technology background to help with implementing demanding small and large-scale RPA projects.


Our team consists of smart and dedicated people who were trained and certified in various RPA software products including UIPath, Softomotive, and Workfusion.


With over a decade of experience in the development of software solutions for Business Process Management, Fintech, and Systems Integration Logic Way also has the necessary resources, passion, and insight to carry out projects of high technical complexity and scale.


If you consider acquiring a reliable RPA delivery partner — then look no more.

The Process


Our RPA developers will work with project specification or your business cases devising the best possible implementation architecture


Logic Way consultants can monitor and support the System upon request continiously increasing it's efficiency and tuning it for better performance


We can take care of the implementation of RPA solutions remotely or with trips on-site when necessary assuring that the best results are delivered




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