Application development

Our team has extensive experience in developing fast and fail-safe applications targeting various devices and domains since 2004. Our expertise includes design, prototyping, development, industry-driven testing, business-oriented software and applications for web, mobile and desktop. We have helped many companies worldwide to modify the way they do business by perfectly \aligning\ information technology with their growth strategies. Our service is in line with quality standards and customer requirements.

Our app development services include:

Web applications

We claim to fully understand the role that is given today to the web applications in fulfilling personal and business tasks of daily increasing number and variety. From simplest to the most complex, any modern web app should meet the following requirements:

  • real-time secure integration with diversified data sources
  • adaptability to all kinds of modern devices including touch-screen ones, varying in screen size and resolution to assure user’s unfailing satisfaction
  • fast data exchange via public or private traditional, cloud or any other external system
  • … and we’re not even talking about handiness and performance that are an absolute must.

Our team has an extensive experience in developing web applications at various levels of complexity, including apps with complex business logic. We are engaged with large data volumes and transactions, high scalability, clever UX design and feature-rich functionality. Our developers always stay up to date with the latest web development trends and technologies to build stunning custom websites, web applications and web services. Our custom web development services contain content optimization, UI/UX design, hybrid development and more.

Desktop applications

Whatever your corporate environment, hardware and OS are, we will choose the most appropriate technology, framework and language to deliver a turnkey solution. We create cross-platform and enterprise-level, standalone desktop software, utilities and plug-ins. Any solution to address your challenges: document and knowledge management software, BI solutions and data analysis systems, ERP and CRM systems.

With their offline functioning, desktop applications give you more freedom and independence from online connection and browser usage. Precisely because of this we can gain in performance and ability to quickly process large data volumes.

As for desktops, we specialize in Windows and Linux applications developed with using up-to-date technologies and platforms (Java, C++, .NET Framework) for the highest efficiency of users’ work.

Cloud Applications

Businesses that want to gain extra reliability scalability and data security, cut costs and boost mobility decide to migrate to the cloud. We implement cloud computing, including development of cloud-based platforms; cloud migration services with complete or partial system reengineering; maintenance and support.

Mobile Applications

We help you go mobile by creating unique apps with responsive design and well-thought-out functionality. Our Android and iOS developers know how to turn customer’s concept into mobile apps that are easy to use, look appealing and smoothly perform on any device. Our custom mobile application development always covers compatibility checks compatibility checks within our QA lab.

Applications maintenance and support

A professional maintenance and support of your applications should never be underappreciated: this is what allows you to save your time and effort and canalize all your energies on your highest business priorities. What is more, this service is what lets your application grow and evaluate together with your business, adding new features and assuring the proper level of performance and stability.

Our support services include:

  • Bug tracking and fixes;
  • Technical problems elimination;
  • Applications and services update;
  • Applications and databases backups;
  • Testing;
  • Documentation development and support.

Depending on your needs, we offer various concepts of technical maintenance and support, from minimum free package as a part of the developed product to a full 24/7 format.