Having an important experience in IT projects for logistics, we can say that this is the field where quick and anticipatory information flow is imperative. Internal and external data is massive and fundamental for on-time planning and disposition.

We focus on the development of customized solutions based on BI and DWH helping to streamline logistics business processes and here’s how we see their main benefits for you:

  • Better communication to improve your collaboration with suppliers worldwide.
  • Efficient analysis of your supply chain and manufacturing options for the best use of your assets.
  • Synchronization of your batch production flow by managing the capacity of your tanks, vessels and lines.
  • Deeper understanding of your warehouse activities to optimize your worker productivity.
  • Maximization of your warehouse profits by using advanced costing, billing, and invoicing capabilities.

Our functionality range for logistics equips you with all you need for your warehouse and supply chain to work seamlessly. You can monitor and analyze your logistics network data including items’ travel time and units’ peak loads, as well as produce reports on specified parameters and perform further planning.

Our implemented solutions for logistics feature:

  • automated worksite development with full management and communication functionality
  • cargo flow tracking ability
  • reporting system

Customer: Lanit, Russia

Project Overview: The client required an efficient tool to generate reports with actual data for authorized Russian Post users. Within the framework of this complex project, Logic Way created various sub-systems for logistics. We performed a complete cycle of development services to design and create a data warehouse, ETL and BI systems. Upon a successful result, we proceeded our cooperation with Lanit.

Scope: 1 339 man-days

OBIEE 11g, Oracle 11g, Oracle 12c, Oracle Enterprise Manager,Oracle 11g RDBMS, Oracle OSB, Oracle NoSQL Toad, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, Linux,IntelliJ Idea, Oracle SQL Developer
Java, JavaScript, jQuery, REST, JSON, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, PL/SQL,REST, XML
Time & Material


When talking about insurance sector, new ways to service your clients and quickly respond to their evolving needs are crucial points for your winning market strategy. Actually, wouldn’t your client just love to have a virtual web-based agency where he could apply for a policy, get a quote and sign the deal without having to visit the insurance office personally? On the other side, insurance technologies can significantly reduce costs thus increasing revenues by automating service processes that are time- and resource-consuming.

Logic Way has experience in developing solutions for health and car insurance companies. A variety of products and functionalities has been developed by us to make an insurance agency’s work easier. Any solution, from comprehensive insurance management system, CRM or BI-based software to additional functionality can be created and smoothly integrated into your business according to your specific demand.

Our solutions will help your agency and your agent network to:

  • Reduce customer outflow
  • Stay tuned to the latest consumer trends
  • Ease your underwriting workload
  • Turn your data into useful business insights

Customer: Rinteh,Russia

Project Overview: A large Russian system integrator Rintech, an expert in medical solutions, invited Logic Way to join insurance portal development. Within the large-scale project for medical insurance, our team created a number of complex modules. Logic Way developed subsystem for a core DB module.

Scope: 1200 man-days

MS Sharepoint, Server 2013, Visual studio 2012, SharePoint Designer,MS SQL Server 2008 R2,MS Visual Studio 2012,Services Server
.NET, C#, HTML, Javascript, CAML, XSLT, CSS, XMLASP.NET, NHibernate, T-SQL, C++, XSD, Xpath; WebServices, WCF
Dedicated Team

Customer: Lanit,Russia

Project Overview: We created a unified information system for Russian car insurance policy processing. Logic Way developed functionality that enables users to calculate the bonus-malus factor, monitor vehicle upkeep operation and perform other functions for insurance policy processing. Currently, the system operates for the Russian Moto Insurer Union.

Scope: 2500 man-days

Itellij Idea 12, Maven 3, Tomcat 7, Oracle Database, SOAP-UI
Java 7, Webservices (apache CXF), WS-SECURITY,Spring 3, Ehcache,logback,SLF4J, JAXB, XSD/XML, .BAT, .SH Scripts, JUnit 4
Fixed Price

BPM Systems

Logic Way delivers professional development services for BPM development companies. Our dedicated team has over 10 years of successful cooperation with BPM providers and delivered full-cycle services from development to support & enhancements. Business Process Management system usually has a complex structure to serve multiple needs of various businesses. Therefore, it’s critically important to have BPM experts to solve core tasks and perform maintenance. Logic Way is a good place to go when you need to add value to your development processes and expand the team with mature remote BPMS specialists.

Our senior BPM developers, architects and analytics will deliver the following services:

  • BPMS core development
  • BPM solution support and maintenance
  • BPMS customization
  • BPMS development & enhancements

Learn more about the services we render to BPMS development companies.

Our Pega Services

We render development services for Pega official partners and for teams of certified Pega specialists to help them show the best results in shorter time frames.

Pegasystems is a worldwide leader in the field of BPM software. Pega is considered as a number one BPM solution by Gartner and Forrester. That’s why here at Logic Way we are happy to introduce software development and customization services based on Pega platform.

Using PegaRules Process Commander (PRPC) Logic Way is capable of customizing BPM solutions, enabling companies to set up processes that are flexible, transparent and completely efficient for their unique type of business.

Customization services for Axon Ivy platform

Axon Ivy is an intelligent BPM platform that helps over 1000 companies all over the world to ease and optimize their business processes. We are glad to help Axon Ivy partners and customers with customization, integration and product enhancement services. Contact us to see how we can help with your challenge around Axon Ivy based solution.

Customer: Flexeurope AB,Sweden

Project Overview: We created a complex Business Process Management system from scratch. Our team produced a number of core flexite BPMS modules (administrative module, user application framework, integration module and other), enabling system’s coherent operation. By now the solution has been successfully used by Swedish companies for over 15 years.

Scope: Ongoing project

Apache, Tomcat, OracleMS SQL Server
SQL, Delphi, Java, JavascriptHTML/CSS Servlets,Web services, SAML jQuery/jQuery UI, XML, JSPJSON, AJAX
Dedicated Team

CAD/CAE development

We help companies that focus on software development based on major CAD systems to boost and optimize their development. Our team works hard to meet and exceed the expectations, providing a comprehensive range of services from customized applications and plugins development to CAD data conversion, algorithm development and routine tasks automation. Contact us to learn how we can help your company.

  • Core CAD application development

    Our team will build required app from scratch or compose a dedicated team to join the development, maintenance or support processes.

  • Plugins, add-ons and data exchange functionality

    We create additional functionality that can smoothly interact with CAD systems, such as Onshape, Autocad, Sketchup, Nintendo3DS.

  • Software integration with CAD

    Logic Way specialists will integrate your solutions and tools with CAD systems.

We help companies that focus on:

Customer: ExactFlat,Canada

Project Overview: Using a combination of Autodesk Fusion360 API and ExactFlat Cloud API, we have built an online publisher solution for ExactFlat Online, the 3D flattening solution on Autodesk. The solution enables automatic integration of 3D Fusion models with ExactFlat platform in a fast and performant way.

Learn more

Customer: NDA

Project Overview: Our team has developed an application that extends basic AutoCAD capabilities allowing adding new objects and specific ventilation system elements: air ducts, T-branches, etc. The app also enables various complex commands for working with these objects using user Interface, dialog windows and grips.
This solution includes additional functionality for air ducts drawing, axonometric schemes creation and generation of specifications.

Customer: ExactFlat,Canada

Project Overview: Logic Way team has developed a plugin that converts 3D designs into 2D patterns and blanks for stamping. The plugin provides a seamless gateway between OnShape and the ExactFlat OnLine 3D to 2D Flattening service.

Once installed users can group faces into 3D pieces, then open them in ExactFlat and flatten into 2D patterns or sheet metal blanks. The combination of cloud-based design and flattening brings the process automation benefits to anyone with a browser.

Learn more

Customer: NDA

Project Overview: Our team created mathematical simulation modeling of thermodynamic processes for construction and production purposes. This simulation modeling included the creation of a virtual model to reproduce the actual physical system with maximal precision. We have developed the models for:
  • heat exchange processes between the facility and outdoor environment considering such factors as time, outdoor temperature and internal heat gains.
  • heating systems (cooling rate of liquids, directional control for liquids in the system, the work of control equipment)
  • ventilation systems (directional control for a specific air duct in ductwork)
  • steel quenching processes

Information Analytical Systems

Any business has the whole range of their information assets coming from different sources. It is clear that a uniform system is needed to get all this sources together to obtain a well-connected framework. Once you have streamlined all your enterprise data, you’re able to enjoy all benefits that you arguably expect from a BI system:

  • Better and faster decision making
  • Lower operational costs
  • Reduced information lack
  • Increased data usability and new insights
  • Alignment towards your business objectives

To ensure all these great achievements, we develop all major BI software tools:

  • DWH (data warehouses) to store all the necessary data volume
  • ETL (extract-transform-load) to perform data extraction and formatting
  • OLAP (online analytical processing) for data analysis
  • Data mining to discover some concealed trends and models
  • Dashboards and scorecards for vivid data visualization

These tools put together, you get a powerful system able to perform fundamental analysis and real-time reporting available for your employees, customers, analysts and decision makers. Our BI systems are fully suitable for any business, large or small, and any domain in private and public sector.

Customer: Private Company,Sweden

Project Overview: Logic Way developed an online analytical system for the website specializing in private advertisements. Our team created this solution from scratch. The functionality for queries processing was implemented. It enabled smooth and fast data collection according to stated search parameters.

Scope: 1103 man-days

Microstrategy 9, Tomcat, MySQL, MonetDB
Spring Framework, Hibernate, HtmlUnit, MySQL, JSF, PrimeFaces, Java
Fixed Price

Customer: Lanit,Russia

Project Overview: The aim was to develop an analytical tool to ensure that data posted on the official website of Government Procurement compels with the law (¹223-FL). Logic Way team executed a complete development of Oracle-based DWH along with ETL development.We generated a number of reports for OBIEE and ad-hoc queries with further emails set-up.

Scope: 230 man-days

Oracle 11g, OBIEE 10, 11 g
Fixed Price

Customer: EMIAS,Russia

Project Overview: The solution was created for a well-known Russian IT healthcare solutions provider. We developed a large scale Oracle based data warehouse that allows report generation upon various requests. Our specialists executed a complete analysis of business objects for BI reports development.

Scope: 2300 man-days

OBIEE 11g, Oracle 11g, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Toad, Pl/SQL, SQLloader, Linux
SQL, PL/SQL, partitions
Time & Material

Customer: IBS,Russia

Project Overview: Development of a corporate web portal that tracks economic and household activities. Control panels and analytical reports functionality development.

Scope: 254 man-days

Microstrategy 9
Time & Material

Services for SCADA

Logic Way delivers development services for professional SCADA providers: both for SCADA solution developers and integrators. We offer high-quality development, support & maintenance services for SCADA solutions with prime focus on Oil & gas, water &wastewater industry. Among our services are the following:

  • Enhancements to your SCADA product

Contact us to get qualified help for your SCADA system upgrades. We make customization of current modules for your clients and implement updates and improvements of you SCADA software application.

  • Support

Looking for a partner that could perform ongoing support of your product? Our specialists will take the responsibility to ensure smooth system performance.

  • Software partner

If you are an original equipment manufacturer who is looking for a software partner, we can develop an application that smoothly interacts with your SCADA system.

  • Team Augmentation

Would you like to expand your software development team by adding more specialists with deep expertise in SCADA? We are ready to compose a good team for offshore or partly onshore work.

We deliver development services mainly for the following two types of businesses: software providers and system integrators. Learn what we can do for your business:

  • SCADA system integrators

How better would the business go if you could take care of the core questions like SCADA integrations with no time lost on software issues? We can handle all the software support and maintenance tasks so that you could focus on the core of your business.

  • SCADA software providers

We offer a great opportunity to minimize your expenses by having our offshore and partly onshore support & maintenance services. Our experts can implement new functionality to your SCADA product and take care of it’s excellent performance.

Your business in not mentioned above but you still need some help with your SCADA application? Contact us to see how we can help.

Customer: NDA

Project Overview: The solution for TPP included the development of software for controlling the centers based on SCADA: Reliance, iFIX,Genesis32, InTouch as well as software for the equipment Siemens (Simatic S7), using the products of PCS 7, WinCC, TIA Portal. Our developers have built a comprehensive solution that included the following modules:
  • module for the energy centers (alarm, display and automatic handling of emergency situations, the display of process parameters, database development, archived data and logs processing);
  • remote monitoring of facilities’ management systems;
  • control systems and algorithms development;
  • supporting documentation and commissioning.

Customer: NDA

Project Overview: Our team have developed multi-threaded applications, working with microprocessor-based controllers, as a set of Titan SCADA. The specialists have also built Analytical Software Titan MES application. As a result, the solution brought a large number of advantages to the water supply company, including the following new automated opportunities:
  • automated technological processes management coordinated in accordance with the predefined regime that ensures stable and cost-effective water supply with minimal water losses;
  • automated monitoring of a set of parameters that reflects a condition of the infrastructure components and system’s processes;
  • quality management, optimization, planning and forecasting of technological processes;
  • management of maintenance processes;
  • data collection and storage for further analysis;
  • statistical data analysis.
During the development process, the following technologies have been used: C ++, STL, MFC & MFC Feature Pack, COM, ActiveX, Win32API, as well as C #, and the .NET Framework for some functionality. We used SQL Server (for small projects – MySQL) as a database.

Customer: NDA

Project Overview: The full-cycle software development for equipment production enterprise contained the following stages:
  • development of process automation controllers based on the program «B & R», «Mitsubishi», «Omron», «Siemens»
  • development of software for the operator terminals and remote data collection
  • development of SCADA using SCADA Cx-Supervision, Genesis, Wincc for complex processes in manufacturing
  • construction of non-standard equipment for metal processing, etc., machine
  • testing, implementation and maintenance of automated systems
The development process was performed in Delphi and C / C ++, using MS SQL, MySQL.

Customer: NDA

Project Overview: Our programmers developed an automation solution that worked on the principle of a “smart home”. Our work encompassed:
  • development of software for controllers (B & R, Schneider electric)
  • operations with the SCADA systems (SiTect, InTouch, Eclipse, InduSoft, ZenOn)
  • system development for remote control of industrial enterprises
  • communication and data transfer functionality development
  • automated system development for a technical accounting of energy and material flows in enterprises (MES, ERP)
  • construction of non-standard equipment for metal processing
  • testing, implementation and maintenance of automated systems
Software development was performed in Delphi, Java, .NET, C / C ++, using MS SQL, MySQL.

Customer: NDA

Project Overview: Our developers created a solution that encompasses the following functionality:
  • Automated analytical system for daily monitoring and analysis of production data with a reliable verification of the results
  • FC – statistical forecasting of the oil and gas wells’ behavior based on production data
  • PVT – tool for calculation the physical and chemical properties of reservoir fluids
  • IPR-VLP – analytical tool for the ratio calculation between the pressure on the bottom of the borehole and the borehole debit pressure distributions in the wellbore. The tool takes into account the characteristics of the well equipment, mechanical, chemical and hydrodynamic properties of the oil and gas reservoirto make predictions on well’s future behavior.


Logic Way renders development services to SME Fintech companies. To stand out from your competitors and win new clients, make sure you have a solid technology base for evolving your platform or expanding to new geographical markets. Here at Logic Way we can help you in achieving these goals by offering the following services:

  • Custom development

We will gladly set a team according to your project needs or even help in opening a development center in Belarus. With our pool of 50+ developers with average 7+ years experience we’re sure to cover any of your demand including rare and complex technologies and frameworks. Our major focus on Java, . NET, Oracle DB, PostgreSQL allows providing a solid ground for fintech solutions and applications.

  • Dedicated team

Your platform grows together with your business. An increasing number of customers and investors may reveal new requirements to your lending marketplace. We can help you develop and implement new functionality in a fast and efficient way.

  • Quality assurance

Quality assurance is one of the top activities to outsource. With so many ways of testing your software manually, automated QA is something that has become very popular because it seriously reduces testing efforts while giving high assessment level. Here at Logic Way you may find Senior QA specialists both for manual and automated testing.

  • Maintenance and support

Your solution grows together with your business. An increasing number of customers may reveal new requirements to your application. We can help you develop and implement new functionality in a fast and efficient way and provide an ongoing technical support.

Our team has customized Latvian online lending platform to various geographical locations. We worked on UI and server side customization to make the loan platform meet legal requirements of each country. Now it runs for users from different countries in Europe and North America.

Customer: Twino,Latvia

Project Overview: Our team has customized Latvian online lending platform to various geographical locations.

We worked on UI and server side customization to make the loan platform meet legal requirements of each country. Now it runs for users from different countries in Europe and North America.