Software product development

Logic Way has been producing individually crafted IT solutions since 2004. During this time, we have amassed solid expertise covering every major technology framework and development technique, including, but not limited to: .NET, Java, Oracle, SQL Server, Windows and Linux.

We help our customers to achieve their particular business goals, building end-to-end custom solutions from scratch or delivering specific parts or specific services to fill in their gaps. We cover all stages of the product development cycle, whether that be R&D, prototyping, development, testing, implementation, maintenance and support. If you face troubles with your ongoing project, we will perform system redesign or complete “project rescue”. Our developers will assure product adaptability to multiple databases, platforms and devices.

  • solutions for logistics
  • insurance solutions
  • multimedia solutions
  • geoinformation systems
  • BPM
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse
So if you ask what we do best, the answer is simple – we make sturdy and usable products that have it all to add value to your business.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team means basically an extension to your existing pool of developers. There are different reasons why companies might decide to get a dedicated team, such as a lack of resources when working on a large project or missing certain skillsets.

Whatever is your case, this model offers several unquestionable advantages:

  • developers with precise expertise and professional level are handpicked exactly as per your demand
  • our full responsibility for staff replacement and appropriate training
  • cost savings (your extension team operates in Belarus with its highly competitive IT rates)
  • time&effort savings on recruiting and management
  • entire dedication to your project
  • integration with your established business culture
  • higher predictability and visibility of your project progressing

We will gladly set a team according to your project needs or even help in opening a development center in Belarus. With our pool of 50+ developers with average 5+ years experience we’re sure to cover any of your demand including rare and complex technologies and frameworks. We at Logic Way will be proud to become a part of your success.

Contact us for further cooperation details.

IT services

Outsourcing of your IT infrastructure might be the key to your more efficient focus on your core business. Let us help you with your IT needs thus saving your expenses on additional recruiting, management and gaining professional experience in new and emerging technologies.

Technology impact over company’s productivity can hardly be over estimated. With our competitive pricing and knowledgeable staff you can rest assured that your software development needs will be satisfied without breaking your bank. We offer diversified IT support including custom project development from scratch for various business and leisure domains, testing, maintenance and support services, IT consulting, dedicated teams. The whole range of modern engagement models is available and discussable to find the best way to build our cooperation.

Contact us to find out how we can become your virtual IT department and bring your company to the new level of competitive success.

IT Consulting

We believe that choosing the right partner and approach for your project is half the battle. On the other hand, a misguided strategy can literally bury your potential project under the pile of unforeseen complications, aggravations, extra-costs and overall disappointment.

Logic Way experts offer a wide variety of software development outsourcing services that cover the entire application development cycle, including various stages such as estimation of business value, requirements gathering, knowledge transfer, system deployment, support services etc.

That is why IT consulting is often necessary to find the right and best way to meet customer’s goals when starting a new project.

We offer comprehensive IT consulting services to give you the clear guidance to your business objectives. The following steps are usually made to get to the point:

  • industry domain evaluation
  • project requirement definition
  • customer’s business processes analysis
  • advisory on the choice of technology and development methodology
  • workflow schedule elaboration
  • existing IT systems audit to identify further upgrade opportunities

Our suite of IT consulting services covers many industries with the most important experience in insurance, logistics, geoinformation systems and multimedia.

We’ll support you with any arising security and performance issues, your IT system’s weak points and further improvements. By partnering with us, you assure that your IT strategy has the same excellence as your principal business operations.